Membership meeting: May 23, 2013

LCCEA Members,

1.  Our Spring All-Members Meeting will be held on Thursday May 23rd, 3:30 – 5:00 p.m. in Forum 309. Agenda topics will include a report from our Bargaining Team, reports from our representatives on college governance including the College Budget and Finance Subcommittee, nominations for LCCEA officers, and current faculty issues (a more detailed agenda will be provided by email prior to the meeting).

Membership meetings are open to all LCCEA members. All members of the faculty working above .20 FTE are eligible for faculty union membership; if you are not an LCCEA member, please send the attached form to our Membership Secretary, Amy Gaudia (gaudiaa at, or ask for one at our membership meeting.

2.  The LCCEA Executive Commitee is proposing a slight change to the LCCEA Constitution, renaming the Vice President for Non-Credit Faculty to the Vice President for Learning Advancement. The VP for Non-Credit Faculty has been vacant for some years in its current form. The new framing would still include non-credit but would also be intended to provide more representation for developmental education, the library,  counselors, and other non-transfer or limited-transfer faculty. (Vice President positions have some overlap, and are simply intended to ensure representation of key sectors/interests within our faculty.)

If supported by a majority of faculty in the upcoming vote, Article 6.1 of our Constitution would be revised as follows:

6.1: The officers shall consist of President, Vice-President for Transfer Credit Faculty, Vice President for Part-Time Faculty, Vice President for Non-Credit Faculty Learning Advancement, Vice President for Professional Technical Faculty, Vice President at Large, Secretary, Treasurer, and Immediate Past President. The Immediate Past President shall serve for one year upon the election of a new president

3.  Nominations for LCCEA Offices – Vice Presidents and Treasurer:

Nominations are requested for the following:
VP for Part-time Faculty
VP for Professional Technical Faculty
VP for Learning Advancement *
VP for Transfer Faculty
VP at Large

*Note: the above list assumes that the proposed Constitutional Amendment will be adopted by LCCEA members. If the amendment is not adopted, the position will remain as the VP for Non-Credit.

LCCEA Members may nominate themselves or another LCCEA Member. Written consent is required before nominating another person.

Please send your nominations (along with written consent if for another member) to Deanna Murphy (murphyd at by Thursday, May 23, 12:00 noon, or bring them to the All-Member Meeting on May 23.

4.  Your association is pleased to announce a new website that will help you keep informed and up to date on union developments and issues. Email messages will be posted there, along with file attachments and general information. Please bookmark this web address and make it your first stop for faculty union information and updates:

In solidarity,
Your Association



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