All Faculty Meeting, Thursday 1:30 – 4 pm, CML 103

LCC Faculty Colleagues,

I am writing to remind you of our All Faculty Meeting tomorrow, Thursday, Sept. 26, 1:30 – 4:00 p.m. in CML #103, and to strongly encourage your attendance. Key topics will include a report on Bargaining regarding our now-expired 2011-2013 contract; the college budget and the current enrollment “de-surge”; the current status of the “educational reform” (a.k.a. “educational deform”) movement and its impact on community college education in Oregon; and numerous other subjects. At 3:00 p.m. we will move into break-out topics, including bargaining and part-time faculty issues.

While we will provide a report on a number of these and other topics next week by email, Thursday’s All Faculty Meeting is the one meeting we have all year at a time that faculty are not scheduled for other activities; and with an expired contract and the current array of educational policy “reform” agendas before us, it’s vital that we come together to talk about these issues and how to move our interests forward.

Also, please recall that Article 9.3 (below) defines this week’s in-service schedule. Note that the Administration may not schedule ANY meetings for faculty members during today’s sabbatical reports or tomorrow’s All Faculty Meeting, and they may not schedule any required meetings on Friday, which is reserved for class preparation. If your department manager or other administrator has scheduled activities inconsistent with this agreement, please inform them of the violation, and let the Association know so that we can ensure the schedule that we mutually agreed to is adhered to.

Finally, I also encourage you to attend today’s faculty sabbatical reports, which are about to start as I write this; hope to see you there.

Jim Salt
LCCEA President

9.3              Fall In-service. Fall in-service shall be held on the Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday immediately prior to the first week of classes in fall term. Wednesday morning may be scheduled by departments/divisions for faculty meetings; Wednesday afternoon may be scheduled for faculty sabbatical reports. Thursday morning may be scheduled by the College for the President to meet with the faculty. Thursday afternoon may be scheduled by the Association for an All Faculty Meeting; no other faculty events may be scheduled during the All Faculty meeting. Friday shall be a class prep day; no other required activities may be scheduled for faculty members on class prep days.  

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