Status of Administration’s “Layoff Notifications”

LCC Faculty Colleagues,
We have several announcements, and rather than include them in one long email together as we normally do, we’re going to divide them up into several emails.

Our first announcement has to do with the College’s previous announcements of possible layoffs of faculty and staff, effective next fiscal year, and their announcement that employees “impacted” by the layoffs will receive notice on February 15th (i.e., tomorrow).  This previously announced time line for individual notice is no longer the case: no faculty members will receive notification of layoffs by the 15th or in the days immediately after.

We believe the reason for the previous Administration schedule was their linking of layoff notification time lines with the contractual requirement that faculty members still on probation be notified of renewal by February 15, as well as a similar Administration linking of the need to notify temporary contracted faculty (including “non-teaching faculty”) of renewal.  We discussed this with the Administration and made clear that we see no link between notifications of renewal of probationary and temporary contracted faculty with lay off notices; the Administration agrees.  As such, the Administration will only be notifying probationary faculty of their renewals by tomorrow (All are being renewed; Congratulations all!) and not notifying individual faculty members of layoffs at this point.

We also note that the Administration has NOT yet identified faculty members for layoffs, and that the Association has not accepted that layoffs are necessarily on the table.  We were formally notified yesterday by the Administration that they believe layoffs may be necessary, as required in Article 10 of our contract.  But, as you’ll note, the next step is for the Association and College to meet to discuss the matter and possible alternatives, and we will schedule a meeting to do so very soon.

We will discuss this matter in greater detail at next week’s LCCEA Membership meeting.  If you have questions about it, please contact your Department Rep or a member of the LCCEA Board.

Jim Salt
LCCEA President

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