Bargaining/Mediation Update: Is Admin. really committed to an agreement?

LCC Faculty,

Your Bargaining Team met with Administration reps and the mediator until after 9 p.m. again last night.  Unlike last week we do not have any Tentative Agreements (TA) to report or other significant indications of progress.  We started at 8 a.m. and in late mid-morning we received a slightly revised (mostly nomenclature) version of the TA we reached last week; we later received a response to a proposal we gave them last week on “part-time faculty governance participation” that revised their previous response very slightly.

Meanwhile, mid-morning we provided the Administration with a comprehensive “Mediation Supposal” (a proposal that is provided in mediation and that can be withdrawn if not accepted), in which we agreed to drop a number of our non-economic proposals (technically “demands”), revised others, and focused on key faculty interests, while dropping all of the “non starters” that the Administration had recently identified.  Our “costing” of our supposal, which we shared with the Administration, shows that we are only approximately $125,000 apart from their proposal for this year and well below the “Bargaining Assumption” authorized by the LCC Board.

Approximately five hours later we received a counter-mediation supposal from the Administration, which moved slightly in some non-economic proposals and very, very slightly on non-economic issues, and not in ways that actually moved us closer to agreement.  They proposed to move “permanent” money from our COLA to increase the one-time “stipend” for faculty on the top step, a proposal that was in direct conflict with one of our clearly identified “non-starters”: taking “permanent money” away from us (e.g. cutting our insurance benefit) and replacing it with “temporary money” (e.g. stipend).  They also continue to propose that we cut part-time faculty steps in half next year (i.e., receive only 1/2 steps when earning a full step), and gut our insurance benefit language, among other “non-starters.”

We made clear that while our proposal was a serious effort to find an agreement with the Administration, their proposal moved only a tiny percent toward us and made us question their commitment to working to reach an agreement.  We also suggested some additional ways we could find agreement, and the Administration agreed to explore options and provide a new proposal this morning. We agreed to meet today starting at 11:00 a.m.

We will report the results of today’s session when it concludes.  We appreciate the support and many thanks (and homemade cookies!)

Your Bargaining Team

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