Support Eugene Educators!

Faculty Colleagues,

Eugene Education Association members entered into contract negotiations last week, and the School District made a regressive contract offer to Eugene area teachers.  The highlights include: No COLA, no steps, decreased medical at higher prices, reduced prep time, and buying back district wide furlough days entirely on the backs of teachers.

Many of their members supported our negotiations by spreading the word and attending our board meetings.  I encourage you to return the favor and show our solidarity for educators locally and regionally.

Their bargaining sessions are open to the public and widely attended by their faculty.  You can join us this Tuesday and Thursday afternoons from 4:30-8:30pm at the 4J district office, 200 North Monroe St.

Attending for even a short while would send a strong message to district administrators that educators will be standing together in solidarity into the future.

Thank you,
Lee Imonen
LCCEA Action Team

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