Quick Update on the GTFF Strike

Barring a very last minute call by the UO Administration to return to the bargaining table (GTFF Representatives have made clear they are willing to bargain anytime), the strike will commence in a few hours. Here are many ways that LCC faculty can support the strike:

Most importantly, please do not accept any offers of employment for work that is designed to replace the work of striking GTFF members. As we noted earlier, the UO Administration specifically identified LCC faculty as a source for such scab labor; literally the least we can do to support our union sisters and brothers is to not take their jobs while they fight for a right to paid sick leave (the main sticking point at their table) and a fair contract. If anyone you know did accept such offers (possibly not understanding the function of the work), please encourage them to just walk away from any such UO administration offers. LCC faculty are not scabs; let’s all prove UO Administrators badly mistaken in looking to LCC to take the jobs of our fellow educators on strike.

In fact, let’s do them better than that. As I told the hundreds of rallying GTFF members Monday night: LCC faculty aren’t going to take your jobs; we aren’t going to cross your picket lines; we’re going to WALK your picket lines with you! Picketing starts tomorrow morning! Locations of pickets have not been announced (for strategic reasons), but you can either just head to campus and look for pickets, or head to Cafe Roma and find picket information there. We (LCCEA) have an arbitration tomorrow morning, but I’ll be on the picket lines bright and early before the arbitration to show our solidarity with their action. I hope many of you will join me on the picket lines tomorrow and/or for as long as the strike is going on. If all of us can find just one hour this week to walk their lines with them, we’ll add almost 600 people to their lines, and will help show their administration that the community, and LCC faculty, are behind the GTFF.

You and your friends and family etc can all sign the GTFF support petition at: http://gtff3544.net/

GTFF members will also benefit from funds to provide resources to those on the picket lines and those foregoing paychecks; I gave $50 at the rally and publicly encouraged everyone else with a job to match it or give what they can to support the strike. Money won’t win the strike, of course, but such support will no doubt help. I’m told there is a website one can make a donation to, but I haven’t located the site yet; in the meantime, if anyone wants to send a check or even cash, just get it to me (I’m assuming one should make checks out simply to “GTFF”), and I’ll make sure it gets to their support fund. And, of course, just showing up with hot drinks, food, umbrellas, words of encouragement, etc., are always welcome on a picket line, especially given the weather this week.

Thanks for supporting our friends in the GTFF.

Jim Salt
LCCEA President

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