LCCEA President’s Report: 2/3/15

LCC Faculty Colleagues,

A quick report on three matters:

1. Enrollment Capacity MOA Update
LCCEA representatives have had eight meetings with College representatives since the start of Fall term regarding the Enrollment Capacity MOA, focused on correcting errors in the implementation of the agreement, as well as negotiating changes to its implementation in order to mitigate the impact of class size overloads, consistent with the processes provided by the MOA.

On Monday, LCCEA representatives re-proposed reducing the number of additional students from 4 to 3 in cases where that would not result in the addition of course sections (approximately 60% of sections that had students added). In addition, the LCCEA re-proposed that the MOA be implemented proportionally such that smaller classes have a proportional amount of students added (e.g. less than 4), recognizing the pedagogical basis for smaller class sizes and distributing the additional students consistent with that principle. At our meeting yesterday, the College asked for more time to consider our proposals, and we expect to hear back from them within the next few days.

Please note that sections in thirty disciplines, and within fifteen departments/divisions, across the college are impacted by the agreement, with four additional students added to classes in these areas beginning in Fall. All courses for which there were sufficient sections such that the addition of students would result in a reduction in number of sections saw an increase of four students in their classes. The only exceptions were courses that had already been overloaded and disciplines that had other recent workload increases (e.g. hours/wk). The proposals we’ve made to the Administration would apply across the college.

2. LCC Board of Education Meeting: February 4th
The LCC Board of Education, which normally meets the second Wednesday of the month, is meeting tomorrow evening (Feb.4, 6:30 p.m. start). The HEPI tuition adjustment for inflation is expected to be brought up for a vote, and that there likely will be additional discussion of the college budget and the Board’s December request for major expense reduction proposals.

3. Oregon Educational Reform (“Deform”): Dual Credit expansion efforts
The OEA Community College Council (OEA CCC) has published a white paper analyzing various options for promoting so-called “dual credit” (a.k.a. “accelerated learning”) that are either currently under consideration or that could be considered. You can find the report and leave comments at OEA CCC’s Facebook page.

You can also read a pdf version of it here.

Jim Salt
LCCEA President

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