Over 70 percent of LCC faculty disapprove of President, Administration, and Board

LCC Faculty,

Please see the attached report showing the results of the recent Faculty Evaluations of the College President, Vice Presidents, Administration, and Board of Education.

As you’ll see, the first two pages provide tables displaying the responses to the quantitative questions, the first page in the form of percentages (%), the second displaying the actual numbers of faculty members responses to each question/response option.  The rest of the report lists faculty responses to each of the qualitative questions, with responses in alphabetical order.

We have provided extremely limited editing of the responses, including dropping reference to specific individuals other than individuals being evaluated, correcting spelling or obvious factual errors, editing a few responses not directly responding to the question or that were intended as advice or comment on other matters, etc; all such edits together likely constitute changes of less than 1% of the responses provided.

Finally, we note that when the Association conducted a similar survey in 2009, we shared the results only with the College President and Board, in the hope that the similar results would be taken seriously and would be the basis of significant efforts to address concerns raised by faculty members.  With faculty evaluations of the Administration and Board of Education even more critical, overall, this year, the Association Board believes it important that faculty and the college community all openly see the various views of faculty members regarding the Administration and Board of Education.

It is clear to us that our college is in a dire period, one that we can only find our way out of with much more open discussion of the merits and demerits of the current path we are on.

As you will see in the report, it is clear that while a portion of the faculty (25-30% of respondents) is generally supportive of the Administration and Board, a much larger portion of faculty (70-75% of respondents) is generally highly critical of the Administration and Board and wants to see serious changes take place in the management and oversight of our college.  We hope this report is the beginning of conversations and actions that lead to the significant improvement of our college, for the sake of all of its members.  With our regular academic year coming to an end in a matter of days, we look forward to engaging this discussion in a deep and significant way at the start of Fall term, and will provide an analysis of the (generally obvious) patterns found in the evaluations, along with recommendations and proposals to begin to address them.

Your Association

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