Bargaining Update: College Proposes Nothing More

LCC Faculty Colleagues,

Your LCCEA Bargaining team met with the College today to exchange new proposals. 

We were shocked to see the College present a regressive proposal today that included a range of 1% – 2.25% COLA for year 2, taking a step backward from the 2.25% COLA previously presented. The College admitted this was an error and reverted to their proposal from last week, which amounts to no change. 

Thus, the College took a step backward and then returned to their previous position from last week. The only movement they made today was to increase the curriculum development rate from $32 to $32.50. The total amount the College budgets for curriculum development does not typically increase from year-to-year even when the CD rate changes, so this represents a $0 increase from the College’s proposal last week. (See below.)

To be clear, the College put nothing more on the table. 

The College still proposes nothing more than 2.25% COLAS, 1 day added to the contract year, and 4 hours inservice for PT faculty. 

This provides nothing toward pay parity for part-time faculty, no movement for faculty at the top of the salary schedules (the majority of faculty), and results in a net decrease in the value of compensation because of inflation for all faculty.

Because we promised to make a new proposal and are committed to good faith bargaining, your LCCEA Team made some adjustments to our proposal from last week:

  • Changes to language to make the definition of family more inclusive for the purpose of tuition waivers and leaves in a manner that aligns the proposals of the parties more closely;
  • Making pay parity adjustments for part-time faculty of 4% in year 1 and 2% in year 2; and
  • Setting the CD rate at $32 and applying COLAs to ensure that the rate keeps up with inflation in future years as part of the overall package.

Your LCCEA Bargaining Team also maintained all other proposals, including those that faculty have identified as critical (e.g. COLAs, steps at the top, etc.). (See complete proposal below.)

The College’s proposal does nothing to acknowledge the tremendous workload faculty have taken on during the pandemic to help students be successful. Due to substantial relief funding from the federal government, LCC’s reserves have never been stronger at any time in the past five years. 

Surprisingly, the College proposal still does not match the initial proposal made to our hard working colleagues represented by LCCEF, let alone the final agreement. 

For more information on faculty sacrifices, see the emails sent today by Action Team Co-Chairs, Peggy Oberstaller and Wendy Simmons.

Stay tuned for more opportunities to show solidarity and support for a fair contract for faculty.

The parties will meet again next Thursday. 

Your LCCEA Bargaining Team

Kelly Collins

Joseph Colton

Adrienne Mitchell

Nancy Wood


The Lane Community College Education Association
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