Election 2018 Candidate Statements


Candidate for LCCEA President

Adrienne Mitchell

It would be a tremendous honor to represent faculty as the President of the LCCEA. As both a union and a professional association, the LCCEA has wide-ranging goals: from the most quintessential union functions of representing all faculty members in collective bargaining and negotiation of wages, hours, and working conditions to supporting the vibrant, multi-dimensional role of faculty members as professionals in the academe. It is the great responsibility of the president to represent these broad faculty interests.

My first foray into union organizing came at age twenty-one when I led a group of activists to form a chapter of a national labor organization dedicated to representing seasonal and service workers – those not protected by the NLRA, the federal law that established workers’ rights to form unions in 1935. At the same time, I worked as a tutor for migrant and seasonal workers pursuing GEDs and as an instructor to teen parents, adjudicated youth, and others who had not had the opportunity to succeed in traditional high schools. These experiences provided a nexus between professional educational work and my ideals, as well as a means for praxis.

Since that time I have taught at the community college and university levels in a variety of disciplines for twenty years, eighteen at Lane. I chose the community college for the same reasons many of us as faculty do – for the love of the discipline and the great joy of teaching, but perhaps even more so for the praxis inherent in the work of a community college faculty member. I am deeply committed to service both directly to students and to contributing to the college mission with a focus on equity and social justice, and ultimately to the fundamental role of a community college in a healthy democracy.

I also believe that such a mission is only attainable under conditions that allow faculty members to do their best work and to thrive as professionals. That is my daily work – and the praxis also inherent in union work.

I bring more than a decade of substantial union experience in a wide variety of leadership roles including bargaining, grievance, individual representation, arbitration, and workload committees, among others at both the local and state level as well as significant professional development and current legal coursework relevant to labor relations, contract law, dispute resolution, etc. The principles of integrity, collaboration, forthright communication, and an unwavering dedication to justice guide me.

Whether I am negotiating increased insurance benefits for part-time faculty members’ families, representing an individual faculty member who needs reasonable ADA accommodations, protecting against deleterious program cuts, critically analyzing the college budget, or supporting a faculty member facing a complaint, I will remain steadfast. Whether I am building teams and capacity within the union, helping the Association transition to the imminent post-Janus union environment, hearing faculty concerns, or developing an inclusive and participatory association, I will collaborate. Whether I am establishing productive processes to navigate the ever-changing landscape of higher education demands, contributing to OEA legislative objectives, protecting academic freedom and the role of faculty in the classroom, or corresponding with NEA policy analysts advocating for federal legislation that would make it easier for part-time faculty to be eligible for pubic service loan forgiveness, I will persevere. Whether I am reading case law to understand just cause discipline within the context of public employee collective bargaining, answering faculty texts or calls at all hours, or engaging in any of the myriad activities that any union president worth her salt will do, I believe this work is paramount in laying the foundation for faculty members to do their best work.

Every day. I will advocate for you – for your express interests. I will defend your contractual and legal rights. I will develop systems that help faculty work together to obviate conflict. I will seek to resolve problems and disputes at the lowest level possible. And when necessary, I will fight for you. I will do so respectfully yet tirelessly. I will do so with tenacity and, on good days, also with grace. I ask for your vote.


Candidate for LCCEA Secretary

Berri Hsiao 

Hi! My name is Berri Hsiao and I am a math faculty.  I have been teaching at Lane for over 15 years (10 years as a full time faculty).  I love my job as a math instructor.
I have served on various campus-wide and in the Math Division, including the sabbatical committee, FPD oversight committee, step advancement committee.   Additionally, I have served as a Faculty Council co-chair.  I would be honored to have the opportunity to contribute to the college as a whole, and to faculty, by serving as the union secretary.