Dec. 3, 2013
LCC Faculty,
There have been many questions asked in recent weeks about part-time faculty seniority rights and whether the College’s assignments of faculty are consistent with our contract (see Article 34.5).  As previously announced, the Association raised a concern with the Administration last spring about inconsistent interpretations of the language, and we believed we had resolved the issue then.  That resolution evaporated this fall and additional and more fundamental issues were raised by the College’s expressed interpretation of the language.  We immediately informed the College that we considered their interpretation to constitute a violation of our contract, and that the matter was now a grievance.  We have continually encouraged the College to recognize the urgency in resolving this matter, especially given the reports of significant reductions in class sections this year, when seniority rights play a far greater role than in times of expanding course offerings.
The Association made a proposal to resolve the matter, and the College today indicated their tentative support for our proposal; we have agreed to meet tomorrow to try to finalize or significantly move forward such a resolution.  We will report the results of the meeting immediately afterward.  If you have questions about your own assignments, or those of your colleagues, please look for this announcement tomorrow.  Any resolution of this matter will necessary impact faculty assignments, and if the matter is not resolved we will need to work quickly on identifying faculty members whose seniority rights have not been reflected in course assignments, and move the grievance forward.
Jim Salt
LCCEA President