The Lane Community College Education Association is the faculty union at Lane Community College in Eugene, Oregon. LCCEA is an affiliated unit of the Oregon Education Association (OEA) and the National Education Association (NEA). Membership includes full-time and part-time teaching faculty, counselors, and librarians.

Constitution and Bylaws

Contact information

LCCEA Executive Board: 2015-16

President: Jim Salt
Phone: 541-463-5433
Email: saltj@lanecc.edu

Secretary: Deanna Murphy
Phone: 541-463-5122
Email: murphyd@lanecc.edu

Treasurer: Sheila Broderick
Phone: 541-463-5285
Email: brodericks@lanecc.edu

Vice President, At-large: Russell Shitabata
Phone: 541-463-3316
Email: shitabatar@lanecc.edu

Vice President, Learning Advancement: Adrienne Mitchell
Phone: 541-463-5871
Email: mitchella@lanecc.edu

Vice President, Part-time: Amit Kapoor
Email: kapoora@lanecc.edu

Vice President, Professional Technical: Christina Howard
Phone: 541-463-5764
Email: howardc@lanecc.edu

Vice President, Transfer: Lee Imonen
Phone: 541-463-5412
Email: imonenl@lanecc.edu

Department Representatives

Academic Learning Skills: Adrienne Mitchell
Phone: 5871
Email: mitchella@lanecc.edu

Adult Basic & Secondary Education:

Advanced Tech: Dean Bergen
Phone: 5385
Email: bergend@lanecc.edu

Art & Applied Design: Lee Imonen
Phone: 5412
Email: imonenl@lanecc.edu

Art & Applied Design: Andy Salzman
Phone: 5809
Email: salzmana@lanecc.edu

Business: Chris Culver
Phone: 5153
Email: culverc@lanecc.edu

Computer Information Technology: Joseph Colton
Phone: 5734
Email: coltonj@lanecc.edu

Cooperative Education: Chuck Fike
Phone: 5078
Email: fikec@lanecc.edu

Counseling: Jessica Alvarado 
Phone: 5791
Email: smythd@lanecc.edu

Culinary & Hospitality Management: Chris Crosthwaite
Phone: 3505
Email: crosthwaitec@lanecc.edu

English as a Second Language: Annick Todd-LeDouarec
Phone: 3405
Email: todda@lanecc.edu

Aviation Academy: Paul Lancaster
Phone: 4316
Email: lancasterp@lanecc.edu

Aviation Academy: Sean Parrish
Phone: —-
Email: seanwparrish@gmail.com

Health & Physical Education: Sean Mondragon
Phone: 5851
Email: mondragons@lanecc.edu

Health Professions: Christina Howard
Phone: 5764
Email: howardc@lanecc.edu

Language, Literature, and Communication: Russell Shitabata
Phone: 3316
Email: shitabatar@lanecc.edu

Library: David Doctor
Phone: 5278
Email: doctord@lanecc.edu

Library: Don MacNaughtan
Phone: 5359
Email: macnaughtand@lanecc.edu

Math: Michel Kovcholovsky
Phone: 5403
Email: kovcholovskym@lanecc.edu

Music, Dance, and Theatre Arts: Hsiao Watanabe
Phone: 5019
Email: watanabeh@lanecc.edu

Science: Katie Morrison-Graham
Phone: 5083
Email: morrisongrahamk@lanecc.edu

Social Science: Jodi Anderson
Phone: x5697
Email: andersonj@lanecc.edu

Student and Staff Health Clinic: Nadine Wilkes
Phone: 5665
Email: wilkesn@lanecc.edu