The LCCEA has been conducting a membership drive primarily with part-time faculty this year. As of winter term, 91% of contracted faculty and 73% of part-time faculty are members of the LCCEA. These are strong numbers relative to other community colleges. Part-time faculty membership has increased by 20% in the past year. We have found that some faculty members believed they were members after seeing dues deductions but had not actually signed up. If you’re not sure, please do not hesitate to contact one of the Membership Committee members: Wendy Simmons, Nancy Wood, Gerry Meenaghan, or Adrienne Mitchell to inquire.

All members of the faculty working .20 FTE or above are eligible for faculty union membership and strongly encouraged to enroll. If you are not an LCCEA member, signing up is simple. Just complete the 2018-19 OEA Membership Form v3 and send it to lccea(at)lanecc(dot)edu or send an email noting “I would like to join the LCCEA”  to lccea(at)lanecc(dot)edu