Membership, Tools and Resources

Aerial view of union members in Salem 2019.

The LCCEA membership is one of the strongest in the state of Oregon for community colleges.  Join us to maintain our powerful collective voice.  Being a member allows you to:

  • participate in OEA/NEA Professional Development events
  • apply for OEA/NEA Professional Development Grants
  • apply for OEA Foundation Grants for students
  • vote in LCCEA elections and on negotiated contracts
  • serve on LCCEA committees
  • access attorney representation
  • access OEA/NEA discounts (e.g. from entertainment services to personal loan offers)
  • access peer facilitation and mediation services.

Our membership gives us strength in bargaining contracts to maintain competitive wages, gain COLAs and steps and have outstanding health care benefits. If you aren’t sure you are an LCCEA member, or have questions about membership, please contact a Membership Committee member:

Wendy Simmons

Kevin Steeves

Aryn Bartley

Gerry Meenaghan

Adrienne Mitchell

Become a Member!

All members of the faculty working .20 FTE or above are eligible for faculty union membership and strongly encouraged to enroll. If you are not an LCCEA member, signing up is simple. Just complete and submit this form online: Questions? Contact Wendy Simmons


Workload Calculator

LCCEA Emergency Fund

In order to support our members, LCCEA is making funds available for emergency faculty needs. To request funds please fill out the form at:

OEA Foundation Grants for Students

The OEA foundation offers grants for members to request direct support for their students. All LCCEA members are also OEA members and may access these funds. This is the link:

LCCEA Sunshine Cards

Faculty members may request that a card be sent to a faculty colleague for life events such as birth, adoption, or death in the family, marriage or domestic partnership, illness, or simply to cheer up or send well wishes a colleague for any reason. To request a card be sent to a colleague, please fill out the form at: