Committees and Dept Reps

Executive Council Officers

President: Adrienne Mitchell, Academic Learning Skills
Vice President at-Large: Russell Shitabata, Language, Literature and Communication
Vice President for Part-Time Faculty: Nancy Wood, ESL/ABSE
Vice President for Career Technical Faculty: Christina Howard
Vice President for Transfer Faculty: Lee Imonen, Arts
Secretary, Fall 2018: Tracy Henninger, English as a Second Language
Secretary, beginning Winter 2019, Berri Hsiao, Math
Treasurer, Marge Helzer, Social Science
Past President, Jim Salt, Social Science


Committees are how the LCCEA gets its work done. Contact us if you have a concern or if you’d like to know how you can get involved.

Bargaining Team
Co-Chairs: Adrienne Mitchell and Jim Salt
Kelly Collins
Russell Shitabata

Grievance Team
Chair: Russell Shitabata
Lee Imonen
Adrienne Mitchell

Faculty Insurance Committee
Kelly Collins
Janet Killen
Adrienne Mitchell
Jim Salt
Russell Shitabata

Faculty Workload Committee
Chair: Marge Helzer
Chris Crosswaithe
Stephen Selph
Mel Stark

Chair: Anne McGrail

Membership Committee
Chair: Wendy Simmons
Aryn Bartley
Gerry Meegnaghan
Adrienne Mitchell
Nancy Wood

PAC Drive Chair
Annick Todd LaDouarec

Legislative Action Committee
Leonora Kent
Cybele Higgins
Alexandra Geddes
Jim Salt

Peer Facilitation Team
Jessica Alvarado
Anthony Hampton

Faculty Step Advancement Committee
Chair: Brooke Taylor
Berri Hsiao

Faculty Professional Development Committee
Coordinator: Aryn Bartley