Committees are how the LCCEA gets its work done. Contact us if you have a concern or if you’d like to know how you can get involved.

Bargaining Team
Co-Chairs: Adrienne Mitchell and Jim Salt
Kelly Collins
Russell Shitabata

Grievance Committee
Chair: Russell Shitabata
Lee Imonen
Adrienne Mitchell

Faculty Insurance Committee
Kelly Collins
Janet Killen
Jim Salt
Russell Shitabata

Faculty Workload Committee
Chair: Marge Helzer
Chris Crosswaithe
Stephen Selph
Adrienne Mitchell
Jim Salt

Chair: Anne McGrail

Membership Committee
Wendy Simmons
Gerry Meegnaghan
Adrienne Mitchell
Nancy Wood

PIE Drive Committee
Chair: Annick Todd-Le Douarec

Peer Facilitation Team
Jessica Alvarado
Anthony Hampton

Faculty Step Advancement Committee
Chair: Brooke Taylor
Berri Hsiao

Faculty Professional Development Committee
Coordinator: Aryn Bartley