Committees and Dept Reps

Executive Board

President: Adrienne Mitchell, Academic Learning Skills
Vice President at-Large: Russell Shitabata, Arts & Humanities
Vice President for Part-Time Faculty: Nancy Wood, ESL/ABSE
Vice President for Career Technical Faculty: Christina Howard Health Professions
Vice President for Transfer Faculty: Lee Imonen, Arts & Humanities
Vice President for Learning Advancement Wendy Simmons Health, P.E. & Athletics
Secretary, Aryn Bartley Arts & Humanities
Treasurer, Marge Helzer Social Science


Committees are how the LCCEA gets its work done. Contact us if you have a concern or if you’d like to know how you can get involved.

Bargaining Team
Chair: Adrienne Mitchell (
Kelly Collins (
Christina Howard (
Russell Shitabata (
Nancy Wood (

Grievance Team

Christina Howard and Kelly Collins
Joseph Colton (
Adrienne Mitchell (
Rosa Lopez (
Meggie Wright (

Faculty Insurance Committee
Kelly Collins (
Susie Cousar (
Adrienne Mitchell (
Russell Shitabata (
Nancy Wood (

Faculty Workload Committee
Christina Howard (
Adrienne Mitchell (
Jim Salt (
Stephen Selph (
Mel Stark (

Chair: Anne McGrail (
Tracy Henninger-Willey (

Action Team
Chair: Wendy Simmons

Committee on Racial Equity and Social Justice
Wynona Burks (
Susie Cousar (
Cybele Higgins (
Mike Samano (
Lori Tapahonso (
Nancy Wood (

Membership Committee
Chair: Wendy Simmons (
Aryn Bartley (
Gerry Meegnaghan (
Adrienne Mitchell (
Nancy Wood (

Nominations and Elections Committee
Joseph Colton (
Joe Escobar (
Stacey Kiser (
Julie Pfaff (
Paula Thonney (

PAC Drive Chair
Annick Todd LaDouarec (

Legislative Action Committee                                           
Chair: Cybele Higgins (
Leonora Kent (
Alexandra Geddes (
Adrienne Mitchell (
Wendy Simmons (
Aryn Bartley (
Nancy Wood (

Peer Facilitation Team
Jessica Alvarado (
Anthony Hampton (

Faculty Step Advancement Committee
Chair: Brooke Taylor (
Michael Woods (
Ingrid Nordstrom (

Faculty Professional Development Committee
Coordinator: Aryn Bartley (

Department Representatives        

Academic Learning Skills: John Groves and Steve McQuiddy

Academic Technology: Meggie Wright

ABSE: Kevin Young

Advanced Tech:
Margaret Robertson
Kelly Mathers
Doug Ford

Art & Applied Design: Lee Imonen and Andy Salzman

Aviation Programs: Sean Parrish

Business: Chris Culver

CIT: Joseph Colton  Julie Lindsey

Co-op: Gerry Meenaghan

Counseling: Jessica Alvarado

Culinary & Hospitality: Open

ESL: Annick Todd-LeDouarec
Nancy Wood

Health & Physical Education: Sean Mondragon
Peggy Oberstaller,

Health Professions: Christina Howard

Communication Studies: Jay Frasier

Library: Jen Ferro
Claire Dannenbaum

Math: Wendy Rawlinson Steve Selph Phil Moore

Media Arts: Mel Stark

MCC: Lori Tapahonso

Music, Dance / Theatre Arts: Hisao Watanabe

Nursing: Jeremy Kaufman

Science: Stacy Kiser and Dave Rogow

Social Science: Marge Helzer and Eric Kim