Bargaining Response and Update

Due to faculty members’ overwhelming negative responses to the College’s bargaining proposal, the LCCEA Action Team will be contacting faculty members and department reps about various means to demonstrate solidarity and to support the LCCEA Bargaining Team. Please continue to send your feedback and keep an eye out for communications. If you wish to join the LCCEA Action Team, please email
In the meantime, all faculty members are invited to share their stories about: the challenges of working as a part-time faculty member, the impacts of compensation inequities, the effects of the continued reduction of contracted positions, and the importance of the Faculty Professional Development program, as well as responses to the college’s proposal on the form at:
In addition, LCCEA department reps who have not yet completed the department rep survey are asked to do so at:
Finally, additional information about the May 8 Statewide Day of Action will be forthcoming, including details about a campus-wide rally in Bristow Square focused on advocacy for state funding for community colleges from 11:45 a.m. – 12:15 p.m. Please save the date!
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The Lane Community College Education Association
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