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Colleagues, Did you know. . . •  That LCC has an extra $1.67 million available in its budget over the next two years? •  That this amount will easily cover the administration’s claimed savings from program cuts recently approved by … Continue reading

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Over 70 percent of LCC faculty disapprove of President, Administration, and Board

LCC Faculty, Please see the attached report showing the results of the recent Faculty Evaluations of the College President, Vice Presidents, Administration, and Board of Education. As you’ll see, the first two pages provide tables displaying the responses to the … Continue reading

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Torch editor nails what ails LCC. From the Register-Guard:

“The college’s most pressing problem now is distrust and fear of the administration…. Whatever the causes that contributed to so much upset and position-holding, one thing’s for sure: Something at Lane needs to change.”  —Read more of Penny Scott’s op-ed … Continue reading

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More excellent coverage on the Program Cuts debate

The LCC Torch continues its top-notch coverage of the Program Cuts debacle. Ten different perspectives fill pages of opinion columns, so the best thing to do is download the PDF file here. Some highlights: Torch editor Penny Scott nails what … Continue reading

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Hope sprung up last night, for 40 minutes…

LCC Faculty, Four members of the college’s Budget Committee voted to oppose the Administration’s proposed budget last night, leaving a 5-4 vote in favor, but needing eight votes to pass the budget. For the first time in years, members of … Continue reading

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Full Coverage of LCC Board meeting debacle

On Wednesday evening, May 13, the Lane Community College Board of Education voted 4-2 to cut two programs: Auto Body and Paint, and Electronics — striking a blow to the college and unleashing waves of criticism. Full coverage and many … Continue reading

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A Public Letter to Our Community: Proposed Program Cuts at Lane Community College

This letter to the citizens of Lane County was published in the May 12 Register-Guard: Lane Community College Administrators are proposing to eliminate the college’s Auto Body & Paint and Electronics programs and to radically “restructure” our Medical Office Assistant … Continue reading

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LCCEA Update: May 1, 2015

LCC Faculty Colleagues, Greetings. I hope this finds you a well. A quick update on a few matters: A.) As you have likely heard already, our OEA-supported lawsuit against the illegal reductions in PERS rights was largely victorious yesterday. The Oregon … Continue reading

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LCCEA Bargaining Team Report: Contract status and related discussions with the Administration

LCC Faculty Colleagues, We are writing to update you on our current contract status and related discussions with the Administration: 1.  In many years most of us would support a contract proposal that would provide at least full COLA, full … Continue reading

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Over 100 Rally to Defend Our Programs: Report on Wednesday’s Board of Education Meeting

Colleagues, More than 100 employers, students, faculty members, classified staff, and members of our community came to Wednesday’s LCC Board meeting with barely a day’s notice after learning that the Administration wants to cut our Auto Body and Paint, Electronics, … Continue reading

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