LCC: A Diminishing Focus on Instruction

LCCEA Releases “Lane Community College: A Diminishing Focus on Instruction” Report by Independent Researcher

Daniel Morris, Ph.D., has identified key findings about trends at Lane Community College.
  • Compared to other public, two year colleges in the U.S., LCC is below average for instructional spending. In FY2017, 35.4% of LCC’s spending was on instruction, compared to the national average of 42.6%.

  • While Management and Classified FTE have increased in recent years, faculty FTE trended downwards. Compared to FY2011-12, in FY2020 Managers FTE is 9% higher while full-time faculty FTE is 20% lower.

  • Among 367 part-time faculty instructors who worked the 2018-19 school year, median pay was $17,135. A full-time minimum wage worker in Lane County earns $23,400 a year.

  • 65% of LCC’s part-time faculty work other jobs, and over one-in-four work two or more other jobs.

  • Excluding retirees who are working as part-time faculty, 26% of part-time faculty have relied on government assistance while working at LCC.

Morris’ analysis concludes, “Statewide enrollment decline and reduced funding have impacted college resources, but spending allocations that have failed to prioritize instruction and faculty have exacerbated these trends at LCC.”

After the legislature increased investment in community colleges by more than 12% this biennium, LCC has not allocated new funding to instruction to remedy these trends this year. Instead, LCC officials have created new management positions, including a third vice president, and have not shared plans of how they intend to spend the rest of the $2 – 2.25 million annual increase in state funding this year.

Faculty members at Lane Community College have been working without a contract since July 1 and tensions on campus are heating up. “Our salaries are already 8% behind inflation, and under the administration’s 1% offer / “step freeze” for this year, we would fall even farther behind.” says faculty member and LCC Education Association president Adrienne Mitchell. “But this contract is not just about wages. It’s about the future of Lane Community College and what is best for our students.”

The faculty call on LCC officials to adequately fund the instructional mission of the college.

See Full Report Here: LCCTrends_web


The Lane Community College Education Association
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