Bargaining Update 8/6/2020

August 6, 2020

LCC Faculty Colleagues,

Your LCCEA Bargaining Team met with College representatives on Monday. After nearly three hours of discussion, both sides came away with a better understanding of each other’s interests. For instance, the College articulated an interest in maintaining the possibility that face-to-face faculty work could include lecture and/or student services (e.g. counseling).

Please find an updated LCCEA proposal here: Coronavirus Phase1-2 Working Conditions MOA Draft.

The proposal:
* Continues to provide remote work options for faculty in OHA designated at-risk categories;
* Ensures faculty in expanded categories of risk not identified by OHA (e.g. BIPOC, age 60+) or with a vulnerable household member have the option of working remotely or receiving other reasonable accommodations;
* Provides more specific language on PPE for faculty working face-to-face;
* Ensures faculty are respected as professionals with discretion over pedagogy in their classes and without monitoring by deans or other managers;
* Provides CD funding for part-time faculty teaching new courses online or remotely;
* Provides additional compensation for faculty with extra teaching time resulting from social distancing when teaching face-to-face;
* Allows faculty to access campus with a requirement to report visits through a streamlined process but without a requirement that faculty request permission; and
* Protects faculty personal health data,
* among other provisions.

In addition to the proposal, your Bargaining Team also presented a Resolution on Reopening from the LCCEA Executive Council, which includes the following data from the most recent all- faculty survey with 342 participants:
* 93% of faculty strongly support or support, with 85% expressing strongest
support for, allowing faculty members in an at-risk category to work
* more than 91% of faculty strongly support or support, with 82% expressing
strongest support for, allowing faculty members with an at-risk household
member to teach remotely;
* 89% of faculty indicate it is very important or important, with the majority
choosing very important, to honor academic freedom so that faculty teaching
remotely make decisions about instructional methods, including whether to
teach synchronously, asynchronously, or a combination of the two;
* more than 90% of faculty indicate that it is very important or important, with the
strong majority choosing very important, that faculty choose whether to teach
face-to-face; and
* 88% of faculty strongly support or support, with more than 75% expressing
strongest support for, ensuring that faculty are provided the opportunity to
participate in developing departmental reopening plans.

We look forward to reaching a reasonable agreement that honors faculty as professionals and protects the health and safety of faculty and the campus community without further delay so that the college may indeed proceed with reopening and so that we may turn our collective attention to the college mission.

Your LCCEA Bargaining Team
Kelly Collins
Christina Howard
Adrienne Mitchell
Russell Shitabata


The Lane Community College Education Association
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