FAQ: Faculty Coordinator/Faculty Chair Assignments

Please find below responses to frequently asked questions on Faculty Coordinator/Faculty Chair FASA assignments.

Faculty Coordinator/Faculty Chair FASA FAQ

What is a FASA?

A FASA is a Faculty Administrative Support Assignment.

What are examples of FASAs?

Faculty Chairs, program leads, discipline leads, faculty departmental or divisional coordinators, and faculty with release time for specific assignments are FASAs.

Where can one find more information about contractual guidelines for FASAs?

Article 38 of the faculty contract is devoted to FASAs. The current 2019-2024 contract is posted at: https://lccea.files.wordpress.com/2020/08/2019-2024-lccea-lane-contract-07-20-2020.pdf

Are the recently announced Faculty Coordinator assignments FASAs?

Yes – they are Discipline and Department/Division Level FASAs outlined in 38.3 and relevant sub articles of the faculty contract. (Please note: FASAs, which may be called “coordinators,” differ from permanent program coordinator positions for faculty who were hired as coordinators in their original external LCC job posting.)

What role can deans and faculty play in customizing assignment descriptions for FASAs?

Consistent with 38.3.3, “Specific assignment descriptions of FASAs will be developed by the responsible department/division chair/manager in consultation with stakeholders.”

What is the process for filling the new Faculty Coordinator FASA roles?

Consistent with 12.6, all qualified, eligible faculty (e.g. contracted faculty in the department, discipline, or division) must be informed in writing and have the opportunity to apply. Contracted faculty are eligible for FASA positions.

How are FASAs selected?

Consistent with 38.3.4, individual faculty assigned to FASAs must be recommended by all faculty members affected by the position (or selected by rotation) subject to approval of the appropriate manager. The recommendation process may be conducted through regular departmental decision-making processes (e.g. voting, consensus, etc.).

Do FASAs supervise classified staff or faculty?

No. FASAs specifically exclude supervisory duties. (See 38.2.1)

Is it possible for a faculty member who serves as a FASA to return to full-time teaching?

Yes. FASAs are not permanent. They have fixed terms, and reappointment may occur. In addition, faculty may resign from FASA assignments, and FASAs retain seniority rights and the right to return to their regular position. (See 38.2.2, 38.2.5, and 38.2.7).

Is it possible for a faculty member to be required to serve as a FASA or Faculty Coordinator?

No. Consistent with 38.2.9, “No employee shall be required to accept such assignments.”

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