Support Funding Healthcare for Part-Time Faculty Statewide

Let your voice be heard! Faculty may take action to support funding healthcare for part-time faculty statewide by sending an automatic letter to your legislators at: 

It only takes one minute, and it is possible to modify the letter if desired. Faculty may wish to also include a note about the need for $702 Million for the Community College Support Fund, the amount needed to maintain “current service levels” at community colleges throughout Oregon.

While many part-time faculty at LCC receive healthcare benefits through our contract, most community colleges in OR provide no benefits to part-time faculty. Faculty are encouraged to stand in solidarity with our part-time colleagues throughout the state. This bill, if enacted, will also reduce pressure on the LCC budget, and savings will be reserved for labor relations and negotiated for the benefit of faculty.
Your LCCEA Legislative Action Representatives



The Lane Community College Education Association
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