Update: Agreement on New Plan for Bargaining!

LCC Faculty Colleagues,

LCCEA and the College have reached an agreement to reduce the scope of bargaining for the economic reopener to economics only (e.g. COLA, etc.). 

Workload, mandatory overloads, class size changes (and the displacement of part-time faculty and ultimate reduction in number of full-time faculty that would have resulted) and all the other non-economics are now off the table.

A big thank you to the tremendous efforts of the Action Team members, Bargaining Team, and the huge number of faculty who provided responses to the College bargaining proposal and especially to all who were on standby to make statements at tonight’s Board meeting and take action.

The parties have also agreed to negotiate to completion the issue relating to faculty job security (minimum qualifications and certifications).

The parties will meet again to present new economics-only proposals on April 21.

Based on this agreement on a new plan for bargaining, we hope this re-set will ensure stability, especially as we transition to the leadership of a new president for Lane Community College.

In solidarity,


Your LCCEA Bargaining Team and LCCEA Action Chairs:

Kelly Collins

Joseph Colton

Adrienne Mitchell

Nancy Wood

Peggy Oberstaller

Wendy Simmons


The Lane Community College Education Association
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