LCCEA Members Speak to the Board of Education and President Hamilton about a Fair Contract

Clad in “Red for Ed” LCCEA T-shirts, Association members spoke to the Board of Education on Wednesday. Sharing stories of faculty economic hardship, increased workload, and falling behind peer state institutions, faculty shared their own stories and stories of their colleagues. Both in-person and remote/Zoom speakers spoke about the impact of the pandemic on their teaching assignments and workload, and shared statistics and data with the Board.

But first pizza! After months–even years–away from campus, LCCEA members first gathered in the Center building cafeteria for pizza and bubbly water to share a laugh and reconnect before heading over to the Board meeting.

Thanks to Wendy Simmons, Peggy Oberstaller and the LCCEA Action Team for organizing. And thanks to Russell Shitabata for photographing the event!

In the slideshow below: Beth Thorpe, Kelly Collins (Bargaining Team), Adrienne Mitchell (LCCEA President and Bargaining Team); Rachel Knighten, Kevin Steeves, Anne McGrail; Paula Thonney, Jessica Alvarado, Rachel Knighten; April Myler, Zara Pastos; Jessica Alvarado; Kendra Rivera; April Myler; Anne McGrail; Aryn Bartley; Claire Dannenbaum; Jim Salt; Paula Thonney; Peggy Oberstaller (LCCEA Action Team Co-Chair); Sarah Erickson; Wendy Simmons (LCCEA Action Team Co-Chair), Paula Thonney, Wendy Lightheart, Sarah Erickson; Jessica Knoch (remotely); Gerry Meenaghan (remotely) Gary Mort (remotely); Kate Sullivan (remotely);


The Lane Community College Education Association
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