Bargaining Update: Little Movement

LCC Faculty Colleagues,

Your LCCEA Bargaining team met with the College again today, and the College presented a new proposal (below).

The College proposal:

  • Makes no changes to their COLA proposal of 2.25% for 22-23 and 23-24;
  • Adds an additional non-instructional day to the contracted work year which can be scheduled at any time based on “administration identified priorities;”
  • Adds 4 additional hours to their previous proposal for PT faculty inservice/meetings for a total of 8 additional hours more than the current contractual agreements; 
  • Provides a 1% pay parity adjustment for part-time faculty for 22-23 only and no pay parity adjustment for 23-24; and 
  • Adds Juneteenth as a paid holiday (only affecting faculty members working in summer when Juneteenth coincides with summer term).

The College and LCCEA proposals still remain far apart. 

Significant differences include:

  • COLAs
  • Steps at the top of the salary schedules
  • Pay parity adjustments for part-time faculty
  • Two floating holidays for religious celebrations not recognized by LCC
  • Indigenous People’s Day
  • Bilingual/multilingual differential compensation
  • Applying pay parity adjustments to part-time coaches and part-time flight tech faculty

Today’s proposal from the College provides little toward pay parity for part-time faculty, still no movement for faculty at the top of the salary schedules (the majority of faculty), and continues to result in a net decrease in the value of compensation because of inflation.

The parties took some time to discuss questions, including whether the College will add Indigenous People’s Day, which is now a state holiday. The College’s position is that the Board must make this decision, but they indicated they have not asked the Board to consider it. 

At this point the only area where the parties are close to agreement is expanding the definition of family for the purpose of leaves and tuition waivers.

The College has canceled bargaining for next Thursday. In the meantime, your LCCEA team will prepare a response.

Your LCCEA Bargaining Team

Kelly Collins

Joseph Colton

Adrienne Mitchell


The Lane Community College Education Association
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