Bargaining Update: Agreement Reached!

LCC Faculty Colleagues,

Your LCCEA Bargaining Team met with the College and reached a Tentative Agreement today!

Thank you for your support throughout the process and to the numerous faculty members attending today’s bargaining session. Please join us in extending a warm thank you to our LCCEF colleagues for their solidarity as well. We are truly stronger together.

The Tentative Agreement (below) provides:

  • 2 paid contracted work days with commensurate salary increase with one day scheduled by the College and one day reserved for class prep time (This is in addition to 1.5 days added in the SB551 MOA for contracted faculty.)
  • 12 hour increase to part-time inservice / workshop/ meetings hours. (These are in addition to the12 additional hours for part-time inservice/workshops/meetings in the SB551 MOA.)
  • COLAs of 2.25% each year
  • Steps for contracted and PT faculty
  • 1 step added to the top of contracted and PT salary schedules and 1/2 step dropped at the bottom of the salary schedules
  • Pay parity adjustments for part-time faculty of 2% in year 1 and 1% in year 2 (in addition to COLA)
  • COLA and pay parity adjustments for PT Flight Tech faculty
  • Increased formula factor of 3% and also COLA and pay parity adjustments for PT coaching faculty
  • Juneteenth as a paid holiday
  • More inclusive definition of family for paid parental, family, & emergency leave (Art. 20; Art. 21)
  • Expanded bereavement leave (Art. 21)
  • Allow faculty to use paid leave time to supplement Oregon Paid Family & Medical Leave Insurance (PFMLI) if PFMLI does not cover their full salary
  • College picks up entire PFMLI payroll deduction of 1%
  • Expand definition of family to make it more inclusive for tuition waivers (Art. 19)
  • Increase CD rate to $32.50/ hour
  • Award one step for faculty using bi-/multilingual skills, including American Sign Language, in their faculty work (Art. 29) at initial placement on the salary schedule or when faculty member begins to use language skills in faculty work with an appeal process through Step Advancement Committee

The total package provides substantial increases to compensation for all faculty. This includes 2.25% COLAs plus full steps of 3.75% for all faculty. In addition, part-time faculty will receive pay parity adjustments of 2% in year 1 and 1% in year two, plus additional paid hours for inservice/ meetings/ workshops. Contracted faculty will receive 2 additional paid days. These days and hours are in addition to the paid 12 hours for part-time and paid 1.5 days for contracted faculty provided by the SB 551 MOA.

For example, a part-time faculty member earning a step will have compensation increases totalling 8%, plus will have 24 hours additional paid time available for use next year. Contracted faculty members will have compensation increases of 6%, plus 3.5 additional paid days, which amount to 2.047%.

For example, for a part-time faculty member on step 8, the current per credit salary is $1028. With a step advancement, next year the same part-time faculty member will earn approximately $1111 per credit. 24 additional paid hours of inservice/ workshop/ meeting time will also be available for use for part-time faculty for a total of 56 hours per year.

For a full-time faculty member on step 8, the annual salary this year is $71,296. With a step advancement and additional days, the same full-time faculty member will earn approximately $77,174 next year.

The agreement applies COLA and pay parity adjustments to both PT Flight Tech and PT coaching faculty. PT coaching faculty, who have no step system, will also receive an increase of an additional 3% through the stipend formula.

The agreement also: expands the definition of family to be more inclusive for leaves as well as tuition waivers; increases the CD rate from $30 to $32.50; adds Juneteenth as a paid holiday; adds one step to compensate faculty using bilingual/multilingual skills; and ensures that the College pays for the entire 1% payroll deduction required for the new statewide Paid Family and Medical Leave Insurance program.

Overall, we find this agreement provides faculty with fair compensation and demonstrates that the College and Board of Education heard your voices and recognize the hard work and dedication of all faculty. 

While the COLAs are below inflation, other elements in the package including steps for all faculty (including faculty at the top of the salary schedules) along with pay parity adjustments for part-time faculty and additional paid days added to the calendar for contracted faculty, ensure that total compensation does keep up with inflation at a time when inflation is extraordinary high.

Your LCCEA Bargaining Team will host a Q & A session:

11:00 a.m. Tuesday, June 14 by Zoom at:

Faculty may also send any questions you may have to

The College intends to ask the Board of Education to vote on the agreement next Wednesday, June 15, so our ratification vote will close at 5 p.m. on June 15. All LCCEA members will receive a link to vote on the agreement very soon.

Your LCCEA Bargaining Team heartily recommends a “yes” vote.

Your LCCEA Bargaining Team

Kelly Collins

Joseph Colton

Adrienne Mitchell

Nancy Wood


The Lane Community College Education Association
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