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Personal Leave

For Part-time Faculty

Part-time faculty who are working in the Fall receive one day (8 hours) of paid personal leave time for use at any time during the academic year. Part-time faculty who do not teach in Fall but teach in Winter and/or Spring receive one half day (4 hours) of paid personal leave time.

For Contracted Faculty 

Contracted faculty receive three paid personal leave days per year. 

What is personal leave used for?

Personal leave is intended for personal business, not recreation or union business. 

When can personal leave be used?

Two days notice must be given to use personal leave. When circumstances make prior notice impractical, an exception may be allowed. Personal leave cannot be used to extend holiday vacations unless required by personal business.

How is personal leave recorded?

Faculty may use personal leave in one half day (4 hour) increments and should record the use of personal leave on their time sheets. 

For more details, see:

Article 21.3 of the Main Agreement. Contract Facts is a periodic announcement about faculty rights and benefits. If you have contract questions or suggestions for topics, please email

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