Bargaining Update: Impacts of Common Course Numbering

LCC Faculty Colleagues,

Your LCCEA Bargaining Team met with the College today to begin negotiation over impacts of Common Course Numbering (i.e. CCN). CCN assigns the same course number to comparable courses across all community colleges and universities to streamline transfer from two- to four-year post-secondary educational institutions. The changes once determined by statewide committees must be implemented by each institution, including LCC.

Your Team proposed:

  1. Release time for faculty serving as chairs of statewide committees on Common Course Numbering;
  2. Compensation for meeting time outside the work year at the rate of two hours of pay for every one hour of meeting time to account for meeting preparation;
  3. Curriculum development funding for course revisions and any new course development necessitated by common course numbering up to 70 hours for revision and up to 100 hours for new courses; and
  4. A curriculum development funding pool to which faculty members may apply if the curriculum development funding does not suffice.

While the College did not provide any official response, we were surprised to hear that managers suggested that all the work required by CCN should be included in regular contracted faculty workloads without curriculum development funding. We provided examples and arguments of the extent to which faculty workloads are indeed impacted.

Please see complete proposal below.

Your LCCEA Bargaining Team

Sarah Erickson

Adrienne Mitchell

April Myler

Peggy Oberstaller

Brett Nair, OEA consultant


The Lane Community College Education Association
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