Spring Conference Update for Faculty

LCC Faculty Colleagues —

Thank you for all the feedback provided about the February 22 lockdown on campus and for your recommendations for better preparation for such events in the future.

Your LCCEA officers have agreed with the College on a one-time, non-precedent setting basis, to waive the requirement that remote options be provided for Spring Conference for the one day only this year (i.e. May 5, 2023). This will allow time for an in-person workshop on lockdown procedures. The workshop will not include any type of drill (e.g. violent actor drill). Faculty who have an approved accommodation for remote work will not be required to attend in person. Part-time faculty will be able to use inservice hours to attend per the normal practice for Spring Conference.

LCCEF has made a similar waiver for the one day of Spring Conference.

More details will be forthcoming, and a joint letter from College administration, LCCEA, and LCCEF will be sent to the campus community, likely next week.

Your Association


The Lane Community College Education Association
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