Bargaining Update: CCN & Working Conditions

LCC Faculty Colleagues,

Your LCCEA Bargaining Team met with the College again today to continue negotiation over impacts of Common Course Numbering* (i.e., CCN) and to present a new proposal on Working Conditions to take effect after our current MOA expires at the end of Spring. 

We also discussed ground rules and reached an agreement that any faculty member may attend bargaining sessions as an observer. Other ground rules are yet to be agreed. Meetings are on Thursdays at 4:15pm in CEN 402 and on Zoom

The updated CCN proposal (below) meets the College interest in ensuring that faculty members participating on statewide committees share information with department/discipline colleagues. In addition, we moved toward the College in removing the curriculum development funding pool from the proposal but maintaining CD funding for impacted courses. We repeated our position that faculty should be fairly compensated for the work required to implement changes to courses impacted by CCN.

In addition, your LCCEA Bargaining Team presented a new proposal (also below) on working conditions that provides:

  • Safety measures at LCC will align with public health requirements whenever such requirements are in effect;
  • Remote options will be offered for required meetings;
  • Instructional testing services (ITS) will provide sufficient in-person proctoring services; 
  • Flexible workplace accommodations will be provided, as applicable based on public health conditions or requirements;
  • Faculty members who are ill or required to isolate but feel well enough to teach by Zoom may elect to do so for synchronous instruction; and
  • Continuing to provide KN95 masks to employees and students upon request; among others.

Overall, the working conditions proposal seeks to ensure that provisions will be triggered in the event of a COVID resurgence or other public health emergency.

The College stated that they will need time to review the proposals.

Your LCCEA Bargaining Team

Cynthia Campos, OEA consultant

Sarah Erickson

Adrienne Mitchell

April Myler

Peggy Oberstaller

*CCN assigns the same course number to comparable courses across all community colleges and universities to streamline transfer from two- to four-year post-secondary educational institutions. The changes once determined by statewide committees must be implemented by each institution, including LCC.


The Lane Community College Education Association
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