Contract Facts: Workplace and Office Privacy and Personal Life

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Workplace and Office Privacy & Personal Life


In the workplace, faculty members have a right to privacy regarding their mailbox, office, email, phones, computer, and personal items. Except in the event of an emergency, faculty members’ privacy must be respected. 

What is an “emergency”

An emergency is defined as a situation that presents physical threats to people or property or situations that present a substantial legal or financial risk to the College. In such emergencies, a third party must participate when privacy is breached.

Personal Life

Faculty members have a right to privacy independent from the workplace. A faculty member’s personal life “is not an appropriate concern of the College unless it affects the member’s job performance.”

For more details, see:

Articles 16.1 and 16.2 of the Main Agreement 

Contract Facts is a periodic announcement about faculty rights and benefits. If you have contract questions or suggestions for topics, please email



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