Agreement Reached: Governance Reassignment and Compensation

LCC Faculty Colleagues,

LCCEA and LCC have reached an agreement on reassignment time and compensation for shared governance. Please see the MOA here.

The Memorandum of Agreement provides:* One course release per term up to .25 FTE* for chairs of governance councils, including Faculty Council;* Commensurate compensation for part-time faculty serving as chairs;* Compensation for part-time faculty serving on governance councils but not as chairs at the rate of 2 hours at regular rates for every 1 hour of meeting attendance (to account for additional committee work outside of meeting time).

*For faculty whose individual courses exceed .25 FTE, consistent with current contract language, this may mean that a faculty member has release for two terms instead of three with any remaining / unused release FTE paid as overload.

We find this agreement to be reasonable and demonstrative of a renewed commitment to the shared governance system.

Your LCCEA Bargaining Team

Kelly Collins

Joseph Colton

Adrienne Mitchell

Nancy Wood


The Lane Community College Education Association
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