LCCEA Racial Equity and Social Justice Statement on Curriculum and Learning and Working Conditions for a More Just Campus

LCC faculty colleagues,

Please find below a statement from the LCCEA Racial Equity and Social Justice Committee on Curriculum and Learning and Working Conditions for a More Just Campus. Another statement on recruitment and retention is forthcoming.

LCCEA Racial Equity and Social Justice Committee Statement on Curriculum and Learning and Working Conditions for a More Just Campus

The LCCEA Committee on Racial Equity and Social Justice Committee expresses unwavering support for the following:

  • faculty academic freedom rights; 
  • the role, responsibility, and right to teach diverse, comprehensive, culturally-accurate history and narratives, including critical race theory and restorative justice concepts; and
  • curriculum that promotes understanding of the experiences and needs of marginalized communities as well as systems of oppression with the goal of advancing social justice and equity.

As such the Committee calls for the following.

Curriculum and Academics

  1. The College will support and fund curriculum development that reflects the needs of marginalized communities, promotes equity and inclusion, and understanding of systemic oppression. The employer and union will regularly review compliance.
  2. The College will actively promote and market courses with curriculum that includes critical race theory and cultural competence, and/or addresses the needs and experiences of marginalized communities.
  3. The College will actively promote and market expanded English Language Learning offerings at community locations and offerings at locations that best serve marginalized populations.
  4. The College will provide tuition waivers for undocumented and/or indigenous students.
  5. The College will preserve and amply fund academic programs that serve relatively high numbers of students from ethnic minority groups.
  6. The College will increase textbook affordability through:
    1. Providing funding to faculty for OER development, adaptation, and adoption; 
    2. And negotiating reduced mark-up on textbook and course materials at the campus bookstore.

Staffing and Resources

  1. The College will contract with a third party to conduct an independent, comprehensive annual survey of employee morale, including a report on working conditions affecting faculty from statistically marginalized and ethnic minority backgrounds. Results will be reported in full to the Board of Education.
  2. The College will conduct exit interviews of all separated, LGBTQi and Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) employees. The employer will provide the union the opportunity to conduct their own exit interview prior to the employee’s last day of work.
  3. The College will ensure appropriate FT:PT staffing ratios in departments that serve greater percentages of LGBTQi and BIPOC students and marginalized populations (e.g. MCC, ESL, ABSE, GEC).
  4. The College will ensure ample LGBTQi and BIPOC staffing in programs that historically lack sufficient diversity among faculty, classified staff, and management.
  5. The College will ensure an equitable distribution of resources, equipment, classrooms, and physical space for departments serving LGBTQi and underrepresented ethnic minority students.

Other Equity and Justice Goals

  1. The College will provide sufficient staffing and funding for the Food Pantry on campus with expanded hours as well as access for students, faculty, and classified employees in order to address food insecurity.
  2. The College will address housing insecurity by dedicating an adequate number of apartments with subsidised rent at Titan Court to low income students, faculty, and classified employees.
  3. The College will track student discipline and campus public safety reports by race, ethnicity, and gender and provide an annual report to the Board of Education.
  4. The College will ensure campus safety remains unarmed.
  5. The College will keep ICE off campus and enhance sanctuary campus status.
  6. The College will ensure that responses to mental health emergencies call appropriate social services (e.g. CAHOOTS, not the Lane County Sheriff’s department).
  7. The College will make Election Day a holiday. The College will make the last day to register to vote a paid, non-instructional work day to facilitate voter registration and a teach-in on civic engagement, including voting rights with activities to take place at multiple locations in the community, including all LCC campuses.
  8. The College will eliminate low wage work on campus by providing a minimum standard for all (e.g. outsourced workers, student workers). The College will only contract with socially responsible businesses that pay a minimum of $15/hour and provide sick days and will prioritize women- and minority-owned businesses.
  9. The College will adopt a campus plan that addresses climate change, adaptation, and resilience, recognizing the disparate impact on BIPOC and economically marginalized populations and the need for environmental safety and justice. 

LCCEA Racial Equity and Social Justice Committee members:

Wynona Burks, Susie Cousar, Cybele Higgins, Adrienne Mitchell, Rosa Lopez, & Lori Tapahonso with contributions from former committee members, Michael Samano and Nancy Wood






The Lane Community College Education Association
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