Contract Facts, brought to you by your Association

Contract Facts, brought to you by your Association 

Personal Safety in the Classroom

What are faculty rights when a student is disruptive, threatening, or otherwise inappropriate?

Faculty members have the right to remove a student from their class for that class session.

What additional rights do faculty members have in serious, repeated cases of disruption?

Faculty members may request permanent removal of a disruptive or threatening student. In this situation, faculty members must submit a report on Maxient within 24 hours of removing the student.

How are students’ rights protected?

Academic Affairs and Student Services must conduct an investigation or hearing. The Administration will decide whether the student is permitted to return to class.

What other options do faculty have?

Faculty members may appeal to a committee that is composed of equal numbers of administrators, faculty, and students. If the student is returned to class as a result of the appeal, the faculty member will be offered a reasonable alternative instructional assignment.

Academic Freedom

Faculty members have a contractual right and a responsibility to protect freedom in the classroom in discussion and presentation of the subject matter. In addition, the US Constitution protects academic freedom as “a special concern of the First Amendment.”

For more details, see:

Articles 25.14 of the Main Agreement and the Student Code of Conduct.

Contract Facts is a periodic announcement about faculty rights and benefits. If you have contract questions or suggestions for topics, please email


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