Bargaining Update: Agreement Reached Common Course Numbering

LCC Faculty Colleagues,

Your LCCEA Bargaining Team participated in mediation with Administration all day yesterday and all morning today.

The parties reached an agreement regarding workload and compensation for the impacts of Common Course Numbering. Please see agreement below.

Briefly, the provisions include:

  • $2000 annual stipends for chairs of statewide committees
  • $1500 annual stipends for committee members on statewide committees
  • Curriculum development funding up to 70 hours per course shared among faculty responsible for revisions required by Common Course Numbering

These provisions will extend through 2030 or until they are incorporated into a new contract. 

Your representatives thoroughly considered Administration proposals on public health working conditions in light of faculty survey results. We made numerous proposals attempting to meet College interests. However, the Administration made clear that they were unwilling to reach an agreement without provisions that would add new requirements for faculty teaching work that are not consistent with the current contract and which are unrelated to public health. For this reason, we ultimately did not reach an agreement. Faculty retain the rights to negotiate should another public health emergency arise in the future as well as to negotiate over this topic in the main contract bargaining in 2024.

More details will be provided at the LCCEA Spring meeting tomorrow (Wednesday).

Your LCCEA Bargaining Team

Cynthia Campos, OEA

Sarah Erickson

Adrienne Mitchell

April Myler

Peggy Oberstaller


The Lane Community College Education Association
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